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Convert Zeplin comments into Ambra tasks


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In Ambra, Integrations are per project. This means that you create integrations for every project you want to integrate with Zeplin.

Depends on the platform integrations may combine an Integration Url and a Secret Key which are unique per project and per integration. Integrating Zeplin with Ambra consists of two parts:

  • Head to ambra.app/projects
  • Choose your project and from the project's menu select Integrations (image)
  • On the integration page at the Zeplin section click the Add button (image)
  • Provide an Integration Name and Auto Append Text and click Generate (image)
  • After generating the Integration Url and Secret Key they should be prompted to you. You will need them to add to the Zeplin developers page. (image)

To finish the integration with Zeplin head to https://app.zeplin.io/profile/developer

  • Under the Webhooks panel click Create new webhook button
  • In the opened popup at the Request URL add the Integration Url you got in Ambra and at the Secret add the Secret Key you got in Ambra. (please note that the Integration URL and Secret key should match to successfully integrate Zeplin with Ambra).
  • At the Event section choose Subscribe to individual events
  • At the Workspace Events choose Project.
  • For the Project Events choose the project you want to receive events from
  • Check the Make this Webhook Active input and click the Create button.

Congratulation you are ready to convert Zeplin comments to Ambra tasks.

Auto Append Text

Auto append text is the text that you want to include in every comment that you create in Zeplin. You can add more than one text by separating it with space. If you do not want to add auto append text, simply let it blank.

Example of auto append text:

auto append text: #todo @john

all comments in the Zeplin will be created in Ambra as tasks with the #todo and @john in the end - we need a better branding for the next campaign #todo @john

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