How to use the AppSumo code

Learn how to use the AppSumo code in Ambra


Last Update 3 years ago

Ambra is live in AppSumo since February 11, 2021, for 60 days. Feel free to check the pricing plans and leave a review if you liked it. Go to Ambra in AppSumo page for more.

To successfully submit and upgrade to AppSumo plan, follow the steps below:

  1. After purchasing a package in AppSumo page in the link given above, you will be given a code, which you can use on Ambra platform
  2. Go to project list page and click on the AppSumo banner to open popup for code submission
  3. Type your code in the input box and click Apply to submit.

- If successfully your plan will automatically reflect on header

- Click on plan name in header to open a popup with more details on your paid plan

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