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Convert Figma comments into Ambra tasks


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Create a Figma integration to create Ambra tasks when commenting on Figma. To fully create an integration you will have to complete the integration form in Ambra and some steps in Figma regarding the secret key.

Note: In order to create a Figma Webhook, your Figma account must have one of the paid plans

To create a Figma integration, follow the steps below:

  1. If you are the owner of the project, from project dashboard, click the Integrations option in project dropdown options to navigate to project integrations page
  2. Click the Add button in Figma integration box
  3. Fill out the new Figma integration form. The name field is required and it represents the integration, while auto appended text field is optional and represents any text you want to be displayed at the end of tasks that will be created from Figma comments
  4. Click the Generate button to create a new Figma integration
  5. When finished, click the Open button from integration options dropdown list of the newly added integration
  6. Select the secret key and copy text, or click the copy icon (this will be necessary on later steps in Figma)
After the steps above, you are done with Ambra side of fully completing the integration process. To continue go to your Figma project and follow the steps below:

  1. figma...

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