4 February 2021 Release


Last Update vor 3 Jahren


  • Updated angular packages to the latest version
  • Tags now cannot be longer than 50 characters
  • Added a tooltip on add new team member button in the dashboard header
  • URLs are now parsed to 255 characters max
  • Further improved tag and team member regexes
  • Updated verification code page - paste code button UX
  • Updated and improved typo throughout the app

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where modal overlays and quick-start guide overlays would overlap each other
  • Fixed an issue with side nav in responsive view
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on edit task options button in task details, the dropdown menu would not close
  • Fixed an issue where if two or more create task boxes were aligned, emojis dropdown would overlap
  • Fixed an issue where editing task in task details modal would not reflect changes in real-time
  • Fixed an issue with back button in the dashboard of archive view
  • Fixed a typo with plan text in the header 

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