20 November 2020 Release


Last Update vor 3 Jahren


  • Now insights page will show a default graph when offline
  • Now insights date is changed based on the active profile (tag) dates saved by the user
  • Now when losing focus from editing a task, changes are saved
  • Now image preview components show image title and can be closed by button
  • User can now paste images in create task box
  • User is given random color when joining the project
  • Task history now binds tags and team members colors


  • Updated UX on newsletter subscription and payments
  • Now auth guard redirects to auth if no user is signed in
  • The changed font size of the active profile description
  • Removed 2checkout and 2checkout mentions from project

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where mini tags would not show when side navigation was collapsed
  • Fixed an issue with image URL regex
  • Fixed an issue where changing user would not update the project list
  • Fixed an issue where create tag wouldn’t be submitted in responsive view
  • Fixed an issue where newly created tasks in sample project would have wrong order
  • Fixed an issue where updating project from project details, would make team members of this project disappear

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