11 November 2020 Release


Last Update vor 3 Jahren


  • Implemented sample project
  • Displayed the payment card in the Landin page
  • Reorder subtask to be under the task
  • Added logo for Rrinshpi, Spark Soccer Agency, Vetura ne shitje in landing page
  • Added banner for the PH in Landing page
  • Email is now displayed in verification code page


  • Implemented a minor improvement on image preview
  • Added restrictions on project actions when on a sample project
  • Added tooltip in the images in the trusted section in Landing
  • Packages in Landing need to be clickable and should need to have hover
  • Enhance 'How do we compare to traditional tools' section on the Landing page
  • Added promotion code for the local companies

Bug fixing

  • Fixed an issue with removing a project that the user was invited to
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes team members would have wrong profile image shown
  • Fixed bug with edit tag in mobile
  • Fixed bug removed the reload page when the network goes online
  • Fixed bug with delete project in mobile is not working from  

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