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Signing up in Ambra and login are two processes merged into one. When you try to sign up to Ambra you automatically login or vice versa. 

To create a new account in Ambra, follow the steps below:

1. Click on Sign in button in landing page or go to https://ambra.app/auth
2. In the authentication page, type your email in the email box
    - Ambra is a password-less platform, meaning you don't need to write or remember any password for your authentication
3. Press Login or hit enter
4. Go to your email provider inbox and copy the code that was sent to you
    - Code is valid for 5 minutes, after which you must request a new code in order to authenticate
    - To request a new code, press Send again button in verify account page
5. Enter your code or click Paste code button to paste your code

6. Verification process will begin automatically and if successful you will be redirected to your projects page

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